Your Teacher, Beverly Benoit

Beverly Benoit, MA, MFT, MBSR Teacher, is a practitioner of mindfulness and has been involved in various spiritual trainings and disciplines since 1970.  She has studied the essence of religious philosophies and practices, and has integrated their healing aspects into her work as a psychotherapist.

Over the years, Beverly has used wisdom-based approaches in assisting children, troubled teens, couples, families, those suffering from pain, chronic illness, trauma, the dying, and the bereaved.  She has provided these services in medical settings, schools, clinics, and in private practice.

She has a strong orientation to integrative medicine and the healing of mind, body, and spirit.  Beverly is compassionate, heartfelt, and insightful, and blends a loving teaching style to assist her students in mindfulness to achive levels of renewal, wholeness, and peace.


"I have experienced Beverly's work over the last eight years in several different settings.  She brings a great depth of understanding and skill to her work.  She is a delightful teacher and guide who embodies wisdom, compassion, and humor, and provides the perfect context for understanding oneself. 


She uses her superb skills to teach deep calm, self-reflection, and a trusting heart."


Cynthia Calmenson

Feldenkrais Teacher/Practitioner





How did the rose

Ever open its heart

And give to this world

All its beauty?

It felt the encouragement

of light against its being.


We all remain

Too frightened.


- Hafiz